Humboldt Certified.


The new Netflix documentary series “Murder Mountain” takes a look at the history of Humboldt County’s cannabis boom; how the hippie hideouts of the 70s became a gun-slinging outlaw culture, and how legalization is forcing farmers into the white market… at a heavy cost of licenses, taxes, and regulations. One of which I had noticed a while ago and thought was worth investigation.

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Gifting Cannabis for the Holidays

It won’t be a holiday party without a bottle of alcohol making the way into the white elephant or secret santa gift exchange. But with 1/5 of the United States legalizing recreational cannabis, those states legally allow wrapping up a jar of weed under the holiday tree, so long as it’s given to someone of a legal age. Gifting cannabis to friends and family is becoming more common, but are company parties starting to be 420 friendly?

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Cannabis Mold, Testing Regulations, and some very Sour Apple

This was a very unfortunate Halloween welcome for me to the Jungle Boys’ line of exotics, but in the process I learned a lot about cannabis mold, the 2018 California testing regulations, and why testing really matters for smokable products…

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