Pearl Pharma’s 24K is a tangie-heavy sativa hybrid with a bright head high. Great citrusy smoke for parties and social activities.

This 24K is the sativa high that you’re probably looking for. The smell and flavor is very citrusy and tangie heavy. The taste though, is entirely tangie.

These little nugs are packed with big-headed trichomes as you can see in the macro image (top), you can tell this is a top shelf indoor-grown flower. They grind nicely and and the grind brings out a bit of pine smell. The smoke is smooth and flavorful.

This sativa-dominant hybrid packs a heady but focused high. It’s an enjoyable experience and makes experiences more enjoyable with a very ‘bright’ high, in that there’s not much body punch or sedative effects. I’d recommend this strain for social events and those times when you want a nice buzz but can’t sink into the nearest chair.


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