Henry’s Coast CBD flower is a really nice bud for reducing pain and keeping a clean head. CBD dominant flowers are also a great smoke for “first-timers” or those curious about cannabis but are worried about getting too high.
I enjoyed this Coast CBD flower on a getaway weekend, and it was perfect morning and daytime smoke to have a light buzz and take away some pain. While Henry’s offers each of their flowers in pre-rolled joints, I usually prefer to smoke from pipes or roll myself. In this case, I forgot my grinder so had the pleasure of the traditional finger grind before rolling. This flower broke up nicely and is not incredibly sticky on the fingers, but rolled and smoked nicely despite the rougher-than-preferred grind.

At 12.5% CBD and 6.4% THC, this flower would be a great first smoke for those who are curious about cannabis but don’t want to get too high. I tend to smoke flowers around 20-30% THC, so this was a light buzz and a nice smoke to start the day and enjoy with my morning coffee. My back pain lessened and I was able to wander around and enjoy the elements. CBD is known to be helpful for inflammation and pain relief,

Henry’s has a few other options of CBD flowers and I am excited to try each and every one of them.



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