The new Netflix documentary series “Murder Mountain” takes a look at the history of Humboldt County’s cannabis boom; how the hippie hideouts of the 70s became a gun-slinging outlaw culture, and how legalization is forcing farmers into the white market… at a heavy cost of licenses, taxes, and regulations. One of which I had noticed a while ago and thought was worth investigation.

The Humboldt Cure (featured in the documentary) and the other growers going the legal route in Humboldt are part of a county-wide track-and-trace program that helps the consumer be sure they are getting the official product of Humboldt. You can find certified Humboldt Weed by looking for the “Humboldt Origin” safety seal.

Humboldt County Certified Sticker

In July 2017 Humboldt County instituted a track-and-trace program for all legal cannabis growers, a common requirement of legalized pot farming operations both for quality control and to prevent diversion. The Humboldt program and safety labels are in coordination with SICPA, a Swiss company that produces security inks and other tracking security devices for lots of other things that need to be tracked. Using these labels tracks plants and products from the seed to sale, and allow the customer the confidence of a certified Humboldt County product. SICPA programs are in place across the Emerald Triangle in Mendocino and Yolo counties, as well as the cities of Eureka, Arcata, and Rio Dell under the statewide moniker “CalOrigin”.

Henry’s Cannabis Flower with Mendocino Tracking Label

If you see the CalOrigin sticker on a product, you can scan the QR or type the Alphanumeric code into to find information on the product, farm, batch, and harvest date information.

The jars of Humboldt Cure Flower at the top have the sticker on them, and when entered into the dabase confirms it did come from The Humboldt Cure in Alderpoint, CA. Likely the same farm which was incorrectly raided during the filming of the documentary.


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